7 Tips for Writing More Effective Newsletters

This most excellent article landed in my inbox today in the form of Seascape Web Design’s monthly newsletter. The article gives you 7 common sense tips that will help you get more out of your newsletter campaigns. These considerations are very valuable when putting together an effective e newsletter campaign and, even better: they are tried and tested. Thanks for sharing Katy!

7 Tips for Writing More Effective Newsletters

It’s very important to keep in constant contact with your prospects to keep you and your services top of mind. One very effective way to do this is to send out a monthly newsletter. Some write newsy emails with updates on recent events and pics of their children. But a far more effective strategy is to provide information about your industry that your readers will find valuable. This also helps to establish you as an expert in your field. Here are 7 tips that will help you to get started.

1. Put your newsletter subscribe form on every page of your website. You never know which page your visitors will enter your website so it’s a good idea to have your subscribe box on every page near the top.

2. Offer a FREE REPORT to entice visitors to sign up. Did I get your attention? Nothing gets people’s attention better than a FREE offer. This also gives your visitors a free sample of your valuable information.

3. Have copies of your previous newsletters available on your website so that visitors can see that you really do have a newsletter that is worth subscribing to and you won’t spam them. For example, view back issues of our Monthly Tips Newsletters.

4. Write list articles like this one. Highlight in bold the first sentence of each paragraph. This serves as a catchy headline. And then write a short paragraph providing further explanation. These types of articles are very popular on the Internet are very easy to read quickly.

5. Use a headline in your subject line. When I first started sending out my monthly newsletter, the subject line read Monthly Newsletter. When I started putting the title of my article in the subject line, I received a much higher response rate.

6. Send out your newsletter at the same time each month. This way your subscribers will start to look forward to reading your newsletter.

7. Newsletters are meant to be educational so be careful about putting ads in them. Many people don’t like getting huge one page ads in their email box. But many like reading informative articles to help grow their business. So place your ads in a smaller second column or at the bottom of your article. Be sure that your ad content compliments your article content.


  1. You’re right Mhairi, some “very excellent” tips here. I really need to put newsletter archives on my site, and I like the idea of the headline in the subject line. I usually just say “The Mud Room from Mud Creative.” Thanks for sharing.

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