Ask The Experts Event This Week

Have you ever had a marketing, branding or web strategy question but were afraid to ask? Well be hosting our next “Ask the Experts” panel on June 3rd at the YWCA on Beatty Street, where you can come along and ask anything you want – yes absolutely anything!

* Liz Gaige from Market Navigators will address marketing inquiries
* Christine Rondeau from Bluelime Media will be discussing web design and development
* Ryan Thompson from Twin Fish Creative will provide answers about branding
* Ill be on-hand to speak about social networking and social media marketing.

These panels are casual and informal. Simply register, show up and join the conversation. Organized as round-tables, we like to keep these small, so that you have the chance to ask your questions and hear what others have to say. These are ideal for budding entrepreneurs, individuals wanting to launch themselves in a new venture or existing companies who may be stuck and not sure where to go next.

We are currently holding a 2-for-1 promo, so bring a friend or colleague along. Hope to see you there.

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