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As your site gets established and gains attention, the inevitable link request emails will begin to appear. Here’s Jose Uzcategui’s blog post following one such email he received recently:

Today I received a letter requesting a link from my blog. Because Im a relatively small player, I though some of you might be interested in seeing what one of these looks like.

Link building is ultra-very important when trying to build our sites authority, page rank, and overall SEO awesomeness. What is “link building” you say? Its any strategy used to get links from other websites pointed to your website.

How do you it? There are many ways, and one of them is sending a letter to the sites owner requesting a link just like the letter I received today. Heres the letter:

Good morning,

My name is Xxxx Xxxx and I work at a company called Xxx Xxxxx Xxxxx. We are a publisher of a variety of leading business and industrial sites across North America and Europe.

I have noticed that your organizations website,, is linked to which is a Board of Trade in Canada. I am writing to you to request that you please also link to our Canadian industrial business site called Canadian Trade Index at

Why link to

* Canadian Trade Index is Canadas leading industrial website (comScore, March 2009) with nearly 9 million annual visitors.
* The site plays a key role in connecting buyers and sellers of industrial products.
* The site features a rich, relevant and searchable database of industrial products and the suppliers, distributors and manufacturers of these products.

More information about us can be viewed at

For these reasons, its likely that your constituents that visit your site may find Canadian Trade Index to be a valuable resource to source, buy and sell industrial good and services.

Would you please place a link to on your site?

Thank you for the consideration and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my email below.


Xxxx Xxxxx
Xxxx Xxxxx Xxxxxxxx
XX@XXXX xxxx

I am sending this email to you using an address I found on your web site. If you no longer wish to receive emails from me, please click here: unsubscribe. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Xxxx XXxxx xxx-xxx-xxxx ext. xxx.

The lack of perosnal detail tells me that this is probably the work of some automated system, so Im probably not goingt to act on it. Having said that, I did check Canadian Trade Index site advertised here.

I believe in these letters, as long as they are personal and have sound reasons behind them. Have you ever sent one of these? Im curious on the results. Feel free to coment here.

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