Spam Alert from Spacelocker – Tell Your Friends

A while back we checked out the Spacelocker an online “meeting place”. Its our job here at Out-Smarts to keep a head of new technologies and check new tools out however whimsical they are.

Today Spacelocker or someone pretending to be Spacelocker spammed us and our contacts. Our gmail was hacked and those in our address book got an email inviting them to join Spacelocker. I want to make it very clear that we did not send out invites to anyone and on the contrary we discourage you from signing up for Spacelocker. Any company that is willing to spam its users to promote itself is beyond contempt.

Here’s a link to Gmail support explaining the situation. Please do not sign up for Spacelocker or you risk the same happening.

This is a product aimed at youngsters and I encourage all parents, teachers and caregivers to take note as well – if they can’t be trusted with email then how can they be trusted with our children’s profiles?

Here’s some hypocrisy from Spacelocker’s Privacy Policy:

“No Spam
Spacelocker condemns spam. We email users and their friends only when it has been provided for and agreed to under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
This Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service prohibit all users from engaging in any activity involving spam on our service. Violations of these policies may result in immediate termination of service and legal action against any spammer. Such violations may subject the sender and their agents to civil and criminal penalties.”

If you received the email from Spacelocker, please accept our profuse apologies. It didn’t come from us. We don’t do Spam.


  1. Thanks for the heads up Mhairi. I got spammed today and subsequently they spammed all my gmail contacts. When I contacted them, this was part of their reply;

    “Our terms of service and privacy policy are clear and speak for themselves. I am not interested in an ongoing discussion with you on this as we are incredibly busy with the website.”

    A shocking response from a company that is clearly not interested in how it is perceived.

    Thanks to your suggestion, I’ve changed my gmail password settings.

  2. They seem to have emailed every address from which I’ve ever sent and/or received email – including former clients and people with whom I did NOT wish to renew contact.

    How you can send an email pretending to be from me when it isn’t, from a service onto which I’ve logged a grand total of two times, and claim you aren’t spamming people is beyond me.

    @Julie I got a slightly different – but no less aggressive denial – via email on the spam front. Spacelocker’s toast, as far as I’m concerned.

    @Mhairi Bob says he knows the owners (we could follow up) – it was his emailed reply that alerted me to the situation this morning as I was heading out to perio. And yes, I’ve changed my Gmail password – thanks for telling me to do that.

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