Why Blogging is Still Best

Next week I have the honor of being part of the Red Bench Teleseminar where I will be talking on Thursday about the importance of blogging for business. I thought therefore that this would be a great opportunity to highlight why blogging is, in my opinion, still the best tool in your social mediua marketing arsenal.

Blogging is the top social media marketing tool when it comes to reaching your audience online. Granted, Twitter is a close second but blogging remains top for many reasons. Here are just some of them:

1. Blogging can kill several birds with one stone. For example you can build your brand, establish your expertise but it has the added benefit of making it easy to update your website regularly and keep those search engines happy.

2. You can say much more with a blog than you can for example with Twitter or on Facebook. You aren’t limited in anyway and you can use the forum to get really creative (if you so wish) and showcase your brand more effectively.

3. Blogs are really versatile, they can be used internally (for HR purposes, to communicate corporate messages and to build rapport), and they can be used to reach an external audience (new customers, partner relations and investors).

4. Blogs give you more control. Many companies are wary of using social media because of the perceived risk of negativity. With a blog you have more control over that. You can choose to block certain comments or even better address them directly for all to see.

5. You can make money by blogging. Look at recent Third Tuesday presenter John Chow as an example. If you so chose you can easily monetize your blog by adding sponsor ads but remember to consider your brand and visitor loyalty before you do.

I am not saying that your shouldn’t use other social media or online tools, just that blogging tends to give you the bext bang for your buck.

The Red Bench Telesummit takes place next week on Wednesday and Thursday and covers everything you need to know to hit the ground running with your on-line marketing. Guest speakers include Dan McComb – co-founder of Biznik, Nancy Marmolejo – social networker extraordinaire, Dan Hollings – super strategist, LinkedIn expert Chip Lambert, Gillian Muessig – SEO Expert from SEO Moz, Rich Brooks web design and Internet strategist and Shama Hyder Facebook evangelist.

Register for the telesummit here.


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