Summer School – Social Media for Non Profits

Last night I went back to school, summer school that is. What dragged me off to school of all places on a fine summer’s night? The prospect of learning more about social media from a non profit perspective, because the session was hosted by one of my favorite branding houses in Vancouver: Kontent Creative and also as social media strategist for Hippo Water Roller I was keen to find out some new tricks and tactics specific to the non profit arena.

The presenter was Doug van Spronsen a fresh faced twenty something who is a co-founder of Water Drop: a non profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the world water crisis. Doug’s presentation entitled “Why Social Media is Essential and How Non Profits Should Embrace It” introduced social media for non profits (what it is and what its not), he talked about why you should bother (you have to; fostering transparency;to gain a new audience;to control your brand), and how to be effective.

There’s something invigorating about watching a younger presenter. Its almost as if you are seeing things all over again for the first time through their eyes. You can’t fail to be infected by their enthusiasm. The presentation itself, whilst falling slightly short of my expectations (I had hoped to get some really specific non profit tactics and to learn more about off the wall strategies to build an audience of donors in these forums), was ideal for its intended audience (which I am decidedly not given my social media experience). It gave a great introduction to social media from a general perspective and touched on most of the points that a not for profit organisation should consider when building their soc med presence, I also came away with some blog and tool gems to explore.

At the time of posting I am not sure what is next for Kontent Creative’s summer school (I will update this post as the information becomes available). I would highly encourage you to keep and eye open for these events especially if you are new to social media and considering your approach.

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