Facebook for Business: Groups or Pages

As more and more businesses begin to use Facebook to actively tap into an audience of over 300 million registered users there is some debate over the best aspects of Facebook to use to reach your intended audience. Companies can use Facebook groups or pages (or both) to build their social networking presence in this forum. Here is a resume of the advantages of each – to help you decide on your best approach.

Facebook Groups versus Pages


Advantages of Facebook Pages over Groups:

– A page is more “corporate” and gives you more control of your brand. It is the official page of the company on Facebook.

– Having a Facebook page gives you access to tools that allow you to track traffic to and interactions with your page.

– With a Facebook page can add applications like You Tube Box, Flickr, Twitter feeds to your page to make the content richer and attract more fans.

– Using Pages gives you increased exposure via fans – their friends see any actions they take on your Facebook page and your potential audience is larger.

– Fan pages stand out better on profiles – better branding.

– Unlimited news/updates to fans (Facebook groups are limited to 1000-1500 per message.)

– You can create Facebook Ads if you have a page- these ads are used to:

a) build more fans and followers in Facebook;

b) advertise company services and presence in this forum;

c) promote the your company to end users.


Advantages of Facebook Groups:

– Good way to engage stakeholders and interested parties;

– Groups are easier to find by Facebook users;

– A Facebook group is like a forum or discussion area where you are more of a participant so this can lead to enhanced loyalty;

– Groups are discussion or event centred and this can be a great means to attract feedback from customers as well as potential new customers to enable you to improve your offering.

With different options available to you in terms of Facebook Groups and Pages, its always best to start by asking the question who you want to reach, why and what your goals are? Knowing these will help you determine the most appropriate route.

There’s no reason, off course, not to have both a group and a page if you have time and resources to use these effectively but its always best to start with one and build from there – especially if you are newcomers to social media – that way your message won’t get diluted.

Thanks to DodogoeSLR’s andLemonTwist for the great Flickr images.


  1. Since the redesign of the Facebook front page with the news feed, Pages pack a much bigger punch. It makes pages/brands more a part of the conversation and less of a static gathering point. This fact alone ends the discussion for me.

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