Internal Blog Uses.

Blogs are very versatile and can be used both externally and internally to communicate information, images and video content easily and effectively. The technology provides a great forum to spread information to specific groups of people across internal networks as well as external. They can be accessible via login only to those you want to see.

Here are some examples of how companies are using blog to improve internal communications channels:

Humanization – blog technology is being used by many corporations to communication messages from the top. When senior managers blog to employees, the effect (as long as it is indeed them who are blogging) is humanising. Employees realise that their superiors are indeed real people after all (or at least that is the intent).

Communication across departments – ever been in a situation where a project involves many people from different departments? A blog is a great way for team members to communicate about the project, issues that might arise as well as requests and procedures so that other team members (sometimes in different locations, timezones) to build team and enhance productivity.

Human Resources – a blog is a great way to communicate changes to corporate and personnel policy and as a way to document these policies and answer any related questions. It also really effective to let staff know about company events.

Building Corporate Culture – a blog is a great way to communicate and build corporate culture and to help staff get to know others in the company. By allowing and encouraging any and all staff to contribute, it can help workers get to know others within the organisation and build camaraderie.

Investor and Partner Relations – another group that might benefit from better corporate communication is its shareholders. Communicating press releases and company announcements to these can be done using blog technology.

Customer Blogs – another great way to use a blog is to allow customers to subscribe to product updates, announcements. This is especially valuable in the product development phase when customers can provide feedback in the comments section providing invaluable information that can enhance new products and make them even better for their intended audience. This use of blog technology is even more valuable when you consider the benefits in terms of customer loyalty that can result.

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