Reasons to Be Cheerful

I’ve been a bit lax over the summer with our regular month end new media reasons to be cheerful post, not because there are no reasons simply because the sun was too blinding. Now that it has gone away, it back to business with a longer than usual list of the gems discovered this month.

Wibiya – I’ve just activated my Wibiya beta and am trying out their toolbar for blogging. It promises to add great functionality.

Aviary – online tools that let you edit audio clips, images and more.

Free Press Release – an alternative to traditional PR promotion, this tool allows you to submit press releases online.

Boxee – a new way to watch TV

Blogcrowds – for some great blog templates.

Twitterjobs – search for or post a job on Twitter.

Marketing Profs – I continue to find value in this online resource for marketing types.

Slim Timer – I love their tagline: make love not timesheets.

Naked Alarm Clock – a free online alarm clock

TinEye – Find out where an image came from.

Flickr – is an ongoing source for pictures that make me smile, like this one byRerinha – thanks!.

My 'Happy Meal' Version... by RєRє.

Because if life doesn’t smile at you, then your breakfast will!


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