The Inside Scoop on Blogging.

Here at Out-Smarts were always extolling the benefits of blogging as a means to promote your business to the outside world. External blogs, however, are often perceived to be risky for a number of reasons and may not be right for every company. That doesnt mean that these organisations cant take advantage of blog technology to enhance communication channels internally.

Over the last decade or so we have seen a move towards openness and transparency and a blog is a great way for a company to openly communicate its policies. news and developments. However this might not be appropriate for a company with sensitive products or services, those that are still in development or those with limited resources.

Some companies see external blogs as risky because it exposes them to negativity in the form of blog comments and they risk losing control of their image. Whilst some might argue that rather than exposing your company to negative feedback, it allows it to identify and address these concerns proactively and dispel them in the public forum, we still have to respect the fact that external blogging might not be right for all companies.

For small organisations blogging for an external audience can take up valuable time and they might not have the appropriate resources or expertise to do so.

Whatever the reason, just because you dont blog for an outside audience doesnt mean you cant take advantage of the benefits blogging brings. Blogging is first and foremost a communication tool. What message you communicate and who you communicate it to is entirely up to you. Just dont rule it out simply because your not ready to expose a blog to the public.

In our next blog post we will take a look at Internal blog uses and their benefits.

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