10 Tips for Effective Online Networking

1. Be yourself – don’t try to create a persona that doesn’t reflect the real you. It will come back to haunt you.

2. Be selective about who you add. You don’t need to add each and every person who asks.

3. Don’t try to network on every online forum. Instead choose those that fit your audience or goals and work to build those.

4. Build your network online as you grow your real world network. When you meet someone new in the real world add them on social networks.

5. If you do plan to have a presence in as many networks as you can then consider using a tool to mass submit status updates to all.

6. If you interact with others on blogs or forums look for them and add them to your network.

7. You are in control of how much or as little info you want to post. Don’t feel pressured to add stuff that you’re not comfortable with.

8. Do the “Granny Test” before you post – ask yourself if your grandmother would approve, if the answer is yes then get posting.

9. Get to know and use the privacy controls if this is a concern for you.

10. Remember to link back to your site, blog or other profiles at every opportunity to give friends the chance to find you in other forums.


  1. Important points you have stated here. I’m still in the process of building my network and I must tell you it is hard work. Perseverance is a must. 🙂

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