Blog Action Day 2009 – Climate Change

Today is blog action day and all around the world bloggers are coming together to raise awareness about an important issue. This year’s issue is climate change and we are taking part.

There’s no escaping the fact that we take our world for granted. You just have to look around you to see examples of our complacency when it comes to the world we live in. We drive every where, we leave lights on, we love the convenience of plastic and we do these things without giving a thought to their impact on the environment. Worse, many of us think that as individuals or organizations any small changes we do make will have little or no impact. What a cop out. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

There’s a saying that a little something is worth more than a lot of nothing. Lets stop making excuses and start doing something to make a difference. The sooner we do this the better.

Since I am no expert on climate change, I’ll will leave it to those who are. Here are some great tips we found on The David Suzuki Foundation website highlighting some of the things businesses can do to make a difference.

What businesses can do:

  • Manage your greenhouse gas emissions (measure, reduce, offset), and even become carbon neutral.
  • Purchase energy-saving models of office appliances and equipment, such as EnergyStar-approved computers, LCD monitors, printers and photocopiers. Not only will this help save energy, but it will save money too.
  • Design for lighting intensity of 1.0 watts per square foot or less. Over-lighting wastes energy and produces glare.
  • Install lighting controls to turn lights on only when needed and to provide the required amount of light.
  • Encourage staff to commit to taking alternative modes of transportation for their daily commute at least once a month. This can include options such as car-pooling, cycling, taking public transit or walking where possible. Visit Go Green to help your company reduce vehicle trips to the workplace.
  • Reduce your staff’s environmental impacts from air travel by using video-conferences for meetings.
  • Create a recycling program and decrease paper use.
  • If you have a fleet of vehicles, try to use the most energy-efficient models possible.
  • Energy-efficiency upgrades and retrofits to office buildings can have long-term paybacks.
  • Visit Cool Companies or Power Smart for businesses to find out how your company can cut pollution and save money with clean, efficient energy technology.
  • Take the Nature Challenge @ Work!

David Suzuki Foundation on Twitter

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