Google Street View is now available for us Vancouverites!

Jose was on the ball as usual this morning with his blog post about Google Street View here in Vancouver. Here’s his post:

Ive spent some time this morning like many others who have heard the news, looking for places I frequent on Google Maps and looking out for a glimpse of myself, my friends, overall craziness or Waldo.

I have still yet to find anything, but heres a place where I spend a lot of time, can you tell what it is?

For those who are unfamiliar with Google Street View, check it out.

In a few minutes theyll probably make an official announcement. William Baker (@wilhelmus) from Tourism BC just posted hes getting ready for Google Streets View press conference – heres the Tweet.

Ill update this post with later with that information, but Im going to go with this for now, otherwise Ill be on Google Street View all morning.

Follow @googlecanada on Twitter to be on top of this news.

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