Reasons To Be Cheerful October 2009

It is almost Halloween and the sheer anticipation of dressing up and collecting candy is enough to keep us good and cheerful for the whole of October. Enjoy our new media reasons to be cheerful for the month and Happy Halloween to you all!

2921200668_f2b86dcaa2And thanks to Stuck In the Metal’s Photostream on Flickr for the great pic!

WeWe Monitor – is not what you might think but actually a tool to measure how customer centric your website it (so no visits to the loo required!).

Google Wave – I’ve been lucky enough to get to try out Google Wave recently and reckon its going to be a great collaboration tool.

Google Social Search – the peeps at Google have had a busy month. Hot on the heals of my Wave tryout came Google Social Search which allows you to search, not only the Internet but also social networks and blogs. What have you posted that is going to come back to haunt you?

An alternative to Google Analytics is Piwik.

Morgue File – we haven’t tried this one out yet but had to include it in our Halloween post – find free images here.

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