The Importance of Brand – Online and Off

This week I was reminded of how important research is when defining your brand. Your brand isn’t just your logo, its your company name, what you stand for, how you are perceived and how you do business.

When considering your brand name you should always look to come up with something unique, something that differentiates your offering. Always check to find out if another company uses the name you have intended for your product or service and this is especially so online. If you come up with something unique it makes search engine marketing easier. When considering you brand name check to see if the name is already taken, if the URL is available and if its unique in social networks.

Make sure that your name represents your brand but not only that, make sure that you can claim the rights to it in the social networks you intend to use to promote it. Check to see if someone is already using the name on Twitter, Facebook etc. If you have a brand name that is the same across all forums then your brand will stand out, if you use different names in these forums it will only serve to dilute your message.

pm_new_logobackgroundThis week I was excited when I saw the Techcrunch article entitled PeopleMaps Helps Graph Personal And Professional Connections. We’ve had the good fortune to work with UK based Peoplemaps (infact they were one of our first customers!) so I was excited to see such coverage. On reading the article I realized this wasn’t Peoplemaps, the psychometric testing company I know but a product from a completely different company. It lead me to wonder why a company would choose to go with a brand name, one whose URL is already taken, ditto for Twitter and Facebook presence and one which will prove more challenging to promote online.

Its already challenging enough to come out on top online, companies shouldn’t make it harder for themselves by using names that are already taken in the markets they tend to do business in.

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