The Future of Advertising

If you subscribe to Wired Magazine you may have noticed what they are hailing as the future of advertising – and they could be right (again). A number of adverts contained in the publication are smart phone enabled using an application called Kooaba. Once you’ve installed the Kooaba application on your smart phone you can take a photo of the ad, launch the app and it takes you to a specific landing page online.

The app is quick and easy to install but I did have to take 2 photos before the image was recognised. I scanned the Glenfiddich ad and was taken to their landing page. I had expected to be taken to a Wired specific landing page rather than the main page but with the approach still in its infancy and I guess that specific landing pages are yet to be built in.

Another example of smart advertising in use is at Metro News, the free newspaper, where 2D bar codes appear on the print version of the paper allowing readers to scan using their smart phone and be taken to a mobile specific version of the article. To do this you have to go to their mobile site text GETMETRO or download the app and you are off to the races.

Here at Out-Smarts we are always keen to try out new technology so above you will find a 2D bar code allowing you to access this article on your phone. To scan it, download the Scanlife app for your phone, and scan using your smart phone to be taken to this blog on your phone. Neat huh? And it took only a few minutes to set up.

It can be a bit convoluted from the end user perspective but change is coming soon with the advent of NFC (near field communication) technology which promises to allow you to interact with print and TV ads in a highly streamlined way.

Making the user experience interactive and richer may be what will save traditional media, especially since they rely so heavily on advertising revenues.

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  1. Hey there –
    Just read this BLOG entry Future of Advertising – but what the ‘f’. Can you tell me who wants to look at ads on their phone …. I can see wanting read an article …. but an AD…
    I often want to send an article to a collegue say, from NYT and this can be done easily from their website — I am a dinky, dinosaur — but I do want to understand the postential…

    Where can I find the Wired mag article – can you send me the link?

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