The Trick I Used to Double The Number of Guest Posts

Another friend and colleague Katy Laan, Creative Director of Seascape Web Design suggested we link to this post with tips on how to get more guest blog posts. It is by Daniel Scoco of Daily Blog Tips. We’ll be adding our own guidelines for guest posts soon. Thanks Katy for suggesting this and Daniel for a great blog post!

The Trick I Used to Double The Number of Guest Posts

If you have a blog, you certainly like being able to feature guest posts, right? It is a situation where everyone wins. The guest blogger wins because he gets a chance to reach your audience. Your readers win because they get to read some good content and to see a different perspective on your blog. You win because you get a free piece of content and th opportunity to network with fellow bloggers.

The only problem is that receiving quality guest post submissions regularly is not that easy. If your blog is relatively new or small, in fact, it will be pretty hard to get people sending your their guest posts.

If you are in that situation, though, here is a trick you can use. When I started using it the amount of guest post submissions I was receiving on this blog doubled. Basically you need to write a post or page outlining the guidelines for guest posting on your blog. If you want to see an example of such a page check mine here.

Once you have that, simply write a message on top of every guest post that says:

This is a guest post by John Doe. If you want to guest post on this blog, check out the guidelines here.

Obviously the “check out the guidelines here” part should be linked to your page.

It is a simple but very effective tactic to increase the number of submissions youll get. First of all because you make it explicit that you are accepting guest posts. Second because you already inform interested people about the process of submitting and getting their guest posts approved.

If you are having trouble to get the very first guest posts submitted, on the other hand, check the post How Do I Get Others to Guest Blog on My Blog? that I wrote a while ago. It gives you some tips to get started.

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