Using Social Media for Recruitment – Part 2

Yesterday, we talked about how you can use LinkedIn for recruitment purposes, today we look at some of the other tools available to support your recruiting needs.

Plaxo – another prominent professional networking tool with over 20 million users, Plaxo is similar to LinkedIn in that it allows you to search job listings and to connect with people who are hiring but unlike LinkedIn, it does not have tools aimed solely at recruiters yet.

XingAnother professional network which is becoming more popular with over 8m users. It is very similar in its functionality to LinkedIn but posting jobs is much cheaper. The downside is that lots of users are in Europe so its not the best tool for North American recruitment purposes.

Other professional social networks that facilitate recruitment:



Social Networks – Facebook

Facebook Groups: there are groups on Facebook dedicated to getting the word out about jobs. To do so you can join and post or participate. Examples include:

Facebook Pages – some companies have Facebook pages dedicated solely to helping them find staff. The best known example is the Ernst and Young Facebook Page.

Facebook Events – having a hiring fare? You can use Facebook events like this one to promote it.

Facebook Ads: allow you to post ads aimed at people you want to employ: location, education level etc.


Twitter is proving a great tool to promote job openings. You can use corporate or staff Twitter pages to Twitter to your community about job postings or you can even have your own dedicated Twitter feed that serves this purpose alone like KPMG

As with any Twitter effort, your follow strategy will be important.

Twitter Ad-ons

You can also use third party tools like Twitter Job Search to search listings and post your own.

Here at Out-Smarts, we are looking to hire an intern right now. So far we have had 3 suitable and interested candidates contact us and all we had to do was post the fact to Facebook and Twitter. If you are interested please contact us, otherwise good luck in your recruiting or job search efforts.

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