Videos Should Reflect your Brand Too

More and more companies and entrepreneurs are using video to help them promote their products and services online, to build buzz and drive traffic to their sites and rightly so: posting videos can be a great way to build your online exposure.

However, many of the videos out there are of extremely poor quality – blurred images, poor sound quality, that omnipresent “Flip arm” and the list goes on – they are just not pleasant to watch. You’ve got to ask what these say about the company posting the content.

In the most excellent social media marketing handbook, Friends with Benefits, Darren Barefoot and Julie Szabo point out, in reference to video popularity, that two factors don’t matter, one is quality, but I tend to disagree to some extent: I don’t know how often I have viewed videos by entrepreneurs on Facebook or YouTube that are so poor quality that they make me question whether I would actually want to do business with the company in question. Everything you do online should represent your brand. A video that is really poorly produced is simply going to reflect poorly on your brand. Its not necessarily all about how often your video is viewed but more importantly about the impact it has on your intended audience.

The challenge however, especially for entrepreneurs is to be able to upload good quality content without breaking the bank. Which leads me to introduce you to BBN3. SoMedia Networks is building Broadband Network Three (BBN3) websites in major cities across North America and then internationally to provide a platform and marketplace for a new class of user-generated video creators – the near-professional content producer. What this means is that you have an affordable alternative to the self made flip video.

Through a simple online interface, BBN3 allows you to work with them create and customize video projects easily and inexpensively. We worked with them in December – you may have seen my status updates about how much fun the shoot was – to put together a short intro to Out-Smarts. Other than the fact I look a bit like the incredible hulk (only smaller), I like the end result. Take a look and let me know what you think:

Thanks to Gina for allowing us to shoot in the Meridian Pacific boardroom.

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  1. Good news about BBN3 – your vid has a fine looking quality. Glad you are talking about the negative impact of poor quality – so much of that – agree – if it doesn’t look good and sound good and you wish it did one should simply side with caution and just don’t post it. Cheers,

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