10 Blog Comment Guidelines

Blog comments are a great way to build links back to your website and are an important component of social media marketing. I have said it before and I will say it again, links are like gold on the Internet, the more you have the higher your ranking will be. However you should never comment simply for the sake of it.

When commenting on blogs, always:

  1. make sure that the comment is relevant to the post
  2. look to add value and enhance the information contained in the post
  3. include your email address so that you can establish a connection and build a relationship with the blogger
  4. make sure the URL you link back to is correct
  5. comment on blogs with a page rank of 4 or higher as those links are more valuable then links from lower ranking sites
  6. don’t simply post “great post” or ” thanks for this” – this has no value whatsoever and simply makes your company look unprofessional
  7. use your real name or an appropriate nickname when posting (I often use “Outsmarts) to make it more authentic
  8. don’t include links in the comment body that simply link back to your site. If you do include links make sure, again, that they link to a page that is appropriate to the post
  9. check spelling before posting – it looks more professional. I’ve noticed that many spam comments contain poor spelling – its a tell tale sign that a firm is outsourcing their link building to cowboy SEO firms.
  10. don’t comment on numerous posts on the same site at once, again this is something spammers do and will increase the likelihood that the blogger will simply delete your comments.

Here’s an example of some blog spam that appeared on our site recenty: someone called Elva Cohoon recently posted a comment on an old post on this site called Sex and Babies for Sale on Craigslist. Her comment was about real estate, the post had nothing to do with real estate.

Normally I would simply delete comments like this but I decided post a comment in response: hopefully Elva will get the message and avoid posting spammy comments on our blog in future. The point here is that if you decide on a spam link approach, your comments can backfire. Bloggers are a fickle bunch and don’t like spam, if you don’t follow comment etiquette like the 10 tips outlined above your tactics will trip you up, your company will look unprofessional in these forums and you risk being called out in the public forum.


  1. Way to go for calling that blogger out! It reads like one of those auto-generated comments people push out from various software programs. If that’s the case, I’m wondering if she actually went back in and saw your reply post. I hope so!

  2. I could not have put it any better myself, I cannot stand all of these thousands of people who think it’s appropriate to spam, by commenting and including links to stores trying to sell related items. Leaving a comment that adds true value to the post and asks a question, is more what commenting should be like. I completely agree with you on this, and wish that more people would grow up and stop the comment slander altogether. I actually just did a post on my blog about this topic, in association with using a program to find related blogs, you problem know and use Comment Kahuna yourself, I see that your using Comment Luv, which is also one of my favorite wordpress plugins.

  3. Blog commenting is such a great interaction tool and, like you say, ‘blog comments are a great way to build links back to your website and are an important component of social media marketing’.

    I have written lots of posts about the benefit of blog commenting on my site that have all received a good amount of feedback from my readers (supporting the benefits of blog commenting 🙂 ).

    Some people do get lost in a particular type of link building, for example, people read that blog commenting is good for building links and then they run around the web dropping comments everywhere they can, with the typical ‘thank you’ and ‘great post’ you mentioned above.

    The best way to blog comment is to add value to the blog post, the blog readers and to establish a connection with the blog author (you never know where this connection may lead in the future). It is also important that the page you are commenting on is actually in Google’s index for it actually count as a link.

    Thanks for posting Mhairi.

    Warmest regards,


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  5. Most of my typos result from typing too fast. I’m loving the comment preview feature I’m seeing on more and more blogs, as well as the ‘edit comment’ window of opportunity a very few blogs offer – you get 15 minutes or so after posting your comment to insert words left out, correct those idiotic ‘typing too fast’ grammatical errors like it’s when it should be its, etc. I suppose I *could* try to type more slowly. Nah. Not going to happen. 😉

  6. I don’t believe Elva will be back anytime soon. Or that she might go back but not as Elva anymore.

    I make it a point that my comments would always be beneficial to the blog or that it will encourage a healthy discussion with other visitors. Otherwise, it is just garbage.

  7. i cant stand people that come to my blog and comment something like nice blog, or great post been looking for this thanks, or just your ace, as said above comments need to be on topic and cause a stir or at least answer a question and be controversial aswell it keeps it exciting for the reader

  8. It will be more helpful post,i have a blog …so i don’t know how to increase the traffic on my page and how to increase the page rank.after reading this blog and commented like this,the traffic on my site has been varied and rank increased to 3..so once again thank you for giving this kind of post..

  9. Nice job! You really lay out the 10 suggestions simplistically (and by the way, strategies that work well for getting comments approved).

    Thanks for adding value to our blogging community!


  10. This is such a great list if you stick to these points when commenting it will be of great benefit to your business.

    I often wonder how commenter’s like the one you mentioned expect to get any links posting stuff like that. I guess they do however as those comments are quite common on my blogs.

    I have to show this to a few people as it is a great resource for anybody that wants to engage on blogs but is unsure of what is acceptable or not.

  11. This is a great step-by-step way to properly comment on someone’s blog post. More users need to see this information, because I really disapprove of comments that are totally off topic, for the sake of getting a backlink. Some marketers must realize that real professional bloggers check their comments before approval. So if you provide content that has no importance to the subject at hand, 9 out of 10 times your comment will be deleted by the blog owner. So why waste your time with useless comments, when you can do it right way and have your backlink stay posted instead of being deleted.

  12. I hate spam as much as everyone else. Thank you for posting the guidelines. This will help the marketers realize that posting relevant comments are important and they’ll just waste their time spamming blogs.

  13. Very intriguing article. Had me realize I was entirely inaccurate about this content. I suppose one learns something different daily. I like your blog. Will be back really soon!

  14. There are actually a lot of ways you can make your blog comment creative which won’t annoy the blogger. Of course the key is you always see to it that your comment is relevant to the post.

  15. I found your advice to be extremely helpful because I am currently new to internet marketing and of course a lot of the times we do stupid mistakes because of what the so called gurus tell us to do. I will make sure i stick to your advice all the time, it makes so much sense. Thanks please keep us informed at all times

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  17. After learning the proper way of placing comments, you now need sites to comment on. Use Google to search using inurl:blog name email website “keyword”, try it, gets targeted results.

  18. As of now I currently apply few of your guidelines but i think other blogger must see your post especially guidelines # 6 also they comment an advertisement contain there company profile which many spammer apply just to promote their blog or company

    • Christian,

      I strongly agree with you and Outsmarts on Point number 6. I
      usually get at least 50 “great post” or ” thanks for this” type of
      comments per day on my blogs. I guess all such comments are an output of
      Auto blogging software’s which has no concern with your blog content.
      and are just spamy.


      thanks for above guidelines, I am including these guidelines in my daily review checklist very helpful.

  19. “”””make sure that the comment is relevant to the post””””

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