Get Akismet Now To Protect Your Blog From Spam

We all know how annoying spam can be but I realized recently that I hadn’t even given a thought to blog spam in months and yet when this blog was launched on our new website a few years back, it was the bain of my life.

In the first few days this blog was inundated with comments and posts that were downright disgusting and definitely not something I wanted our brand to be associated with. Christine from Bluelime Media, one of our partners and our go to expert on all things web design and WordPress, suggested the Akismet plug in. It was the very first plug in we installed and, quite frankly, the best so far.

Why, because to date our blog has been protected us from over 15,000 spammy comments. If you haven’t already installed it, do it now.

In WordPress, go to plug ins, click on add new and find and install the akismet plug in. To complete the process you will need a WordPress API number. To get this you need to sign up for an account at or click here – you don’t need to get a blog, just click on the “just a username” option. Once you have done this, your API appears at the top of the screen when you click on profile. Copy and paste the API into the akismet plugin details on your blog and you are done. Akismet will filter out all obvious spam and alert you to those comments that require approval.

Its a good idea to keep an eye on the comments and delete any that are irrelevant.

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