The Future of Digital Advertising – iAds and Promoted Tweets

It has been a big week for online advertising with announcements at the inaugural Twitter conference, Chirp, that Twitter is finally about to monetize its micro blog service by adding ad functionality and the announcement from Apple last week that it was going to introduce a mobile advertising platform called iAd.

Twitter Promoted Tweets

According to the Twitter blog, promoted Tweets are ordinary Tweets that businesses and organizations want to highlight to a wider group of users. Twitter will begin to roll out the Promoted Tweets platform in partnership with some of its big advertising partners like Starbucks.

Right now these promoted Tweets are limited to specific searches, for example if you search for “Starbucks” on Twitter today you will see the following:

Reaction to the announcement has been mixed, many recognized that Twitter had to do something like this in order to grow revenues others resent the move seeing it as invasive.

iAd Mobile Advertising

Apple’s hugely successful iPhone is becoming more open from a developers perspective making it easier for third parties and app developers to make money. A component of iPhone OS4 released last week, iAd is Apple’s mobile advertising platform. It will feature rich media ads which, according to Apple, are aimed at stimulating emotion and interaction. For advertisers, iAd gives them a new way to reach consumers a highly targeted fashion. Mobile advertising is nothing new but it is the first time Apple has openly embraced the model.

Google owns the digital advertising market and only time will tell whether Twitter or Apple will make a significant impact with their new offerings. From a marketing perspective these innovations give us new ways to reach our audiences in a highly targeted way which can only be a good thing.

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