Facebook Updates – May 2010

Facebook is changing – again. Here is a resume of recent Facebook changes – to keep you abreast of the latest developments with the popular social network.

Facebook Fans

Alas, Facebook Fans are no more. You can no longer become a “Fan” of a Facebook Page but you can “Like” one. Instead of the “Become a Fan” button you now click its replacement, the “Like” button if you like a Page and want to tell the world.

Overall functionality remains the same and apart from the wording, the only difference is that you will see a breakdown of which of your friends “Like” a page as well as the overall “Like” count. Apparently people are more likely to “Like” something than become a “Fan” of it.

There has been some controversy over the fact that your profile image appears in the “Like” section of a Page without consent so perhaps people will be less likely to “Like” than to “Fan” after all – only time will tell.

Facebook Events

Facebook this week announced that it was making it easier to post events. You will still be able to create events as before by clicking on the tab on the right hand of your profile but in addition to this you will be able to quickly create events on the right hand side panel too. To do so, click on “What are you planning” on the “Events” panel on the right to quickly begin entering information about your event and to invite your friends.

Facebook Insights

Facebook Analytics

Facebook Insights allow you to track the effectiveness of your Facebook page. If you have a Page already, you might have noticed that a few weeks back you started getting a weekly email “Your Weekly Facebook Page Update” informing you the number of fans, wall posts and visits to your page. Click on the link to view the the data in more detail. You can also do this in Facebook by going to any page you manage and clicking “insights” (below information on the left hand side panel). You can view graphs showing interactions,posts, reviews and so on as well as gaining valuable analytics on demographics such as sex and geography.

This is perhaps the most important change to Facebook recently as it allows you to determine whether your page is effective and to allow you to ascertain what can be done to improve it. You can even export the data to CSV for further analysis if you so choose.

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