Which Social Media Marketing Tools?

There are social networks, professional networks, microblogs, video sites, events sites, blogs, photo sites… the list goes on and one thing is for certain, you can’t be on all of them.

It is best, in fact, to deploy social media marketing strategies that involve using only a select few of these tools in highly targeted ways.

How to decide which social media tools to use?

In order to ascertain which social media tools are best you need to know a few things – some good old market research is needed:

  1. Customer – if you don’t already know this then you should. Understand who it is you want to do business with and what it is that you do that solves a problem for them. Take some time to listen to what is being said about your company or industry in these forums. Doing so will help understand the online habit of your customers.
  2. Company – consider your organisation, its products or services and determine which media are most appropriate to showcase these. Consider too, the resources you have at hand (what are you and your staff great at?) and use these strengths to build your social media campaign.
  3. Convenience – where is the best place to reach your audience online? Which tools you use will depend on knowing this. For example, LinkedIn is great to reach business people, Flickr is a great place to showcase art, photography and design companies – you get the gist.
  4. Communication – always remember to be consistent with your messaging and branding. Your online brand and message should be consistent with your overall branding as well so as not to confuse. The goal here is to build community, so consider ways to communicate and interact online that will add value, encourage interaction and grow your following.

Take these four C’s into account and your social media marketing is more likely to hit the mark.


  1. Thanks for the post but I don’t agree with all you said. I’m not the best person to judge though as I’m not really an expert in the field LOL 🙂 That being said if you could help me be a better blogger I would really appreciate. Any tips for someone just starting out? (Thanks in advance)

    • Thanks for visiting. Next time, please share your viewpoint – I am sure it would add value.

      Check out our posts about blogging – there are some good tip there for those starting out.

      Good luck with your blog!

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