Things To Consider When Applying for a Job Online

Guest blogger Tomica Divic is the Marketing Coordinator at the YWCA here in Vancouver. In this blog post she highlights some important considerations that should be taken into account by anyone looking for employment and using online tools like social media to do so. It is a great post to complement our series of posts on using social media for recruitment.


Long gone are the days you can just walk onto a job site ask if they have any work available for a hardworking, respectable person like yourself.

According to a recent employer survey conducted by the YWCA One Stop Shop and Career Zone – over 75% of employers surveyed said they preferred to receive job applications via email or online. A large percentage also admitted to using social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn to research a potential candidate. So with Big Brother watching your every move – have you asked yourself how employers see you, even before they meet you? Here are a few tips on how to make sure your behaviour online doesnt affect your chances of landing a job in the real world.

Email address:

  • Make sure you use a professional email address when contacting employers. Many people sign up for an email account when they were younger or to communicate with family and friends and forget that might not be the wisest choice when contacting employers. Others take it one step further by using email addresses such as Not only does this come across as inappropriate for the workplace, it also increases the chances of having your email end up as spam in someones junkmail . When it comes to email addresses its best to play it safe. Setting up a professional email address is easy (and free!) to do, and should consist of a combination of your name and/or last name, such as

Facebook profile:

  • A lot of employers will Google your name to see what comes up online – and one of the things that regularly pops up is your Facebook profile. While you think you might be safe if youve restricted your page to friends only, your profile picture will still be available in Google searches. Profile pictures alluding to drunken nights out or revealing plunging necklines might not make the best first impression so make sure your pictures are work appropriate. Also remember that when you belong to certain online networks or become a fan of something on Facebook it can increase your online exposure to that whole group. Try “Googling” yourself to see what comes up and make any necessary changes to your online profiles.

Cover letters/emails

  • With the rise of texting came the demise of spelling and grammar! When applying for a job online or via email youll usually have to write a cover letter, or an introductory email at the very least. Dont make the mistake of sending a rushed email/online application full of typos and errors – this was listed as the #1 top pet peeve among our surveyed employers. Instead, take a minute to copy and paste the text into a MS Word document and run it through spell check.

Hopefully these few tips can help you improve your online presence and your chances of landing a job!

About Tomica

Tomica Divic is a communications professional with over 7 years of experience ranging from youth marketing, to public relations and law. She is currently the Marketing Coordinator at the YWCA Career Zone where she leads all marketing, social media and communications programs for the centre, working with over 2500 young jobseekers and 400 local employers.

About the YWCA

The YWCA Career Zone is a free drop-in employment resource centre for male and female jobseekers ages 15 to 30. For more information visit the Career Zone at 1260 Granville St, Vancouver BC. Check out all the YWCA Vancouver Employment Programs. For more useful job search tips follow the YWCA Career Zone on Facebook or Twitter.

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