Hootsuite Launches Social Analytics

Social media web-based dashboard, Hootsuite, overhauled their analytics capabilities earlier this month resulting in powerful, customizable reporting tools for users. New features include the ability to track Twitter brand mentions and measure your Twitter follower growth, examine Facebook Insights for your page including ‘likes’ and demographic information, overlay social link clicks and website visits via Google, and over 30 report modules with which to create customized reports.

Social analytics is accessible from the left sidebar on your Hootsuite dashboard. To begin, click ‘Analytics’, then ‘Custom Analytics’ and then ‘Create New Report’. You’ll see a screen that looks like this:

From here, you can choose to create a completely customized report, or choose from one of four report templates. Regardless of which template you choose, you can customize it with your logo, header, and contact information. The custom report also allows you to arrange modules so that information is presented in a certain order, as well as include up to 30 different charts and graphs.

If you choose to build a customized report, you will see a blank canvas that looks like this:


To add modules to this report, you hover over the plus sign on your module of choice from the list on the left-hand side.

You may have noticed that some of the templates cost a certain number of points. This is a new feature whereby modules are available through Hootsuite’s custom point payment system. There are 3 levels of Hootsuite packages – Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The basic level is free, but users are limited in the modules they can access. To access all modules, users mush upgrade to Hootsuite Pro for $5.99 a month. Pro users will be given 50 free points. Each module costs a certain number of points, as do the report templates. Most modules cost 10-20 points each, with the more sophisticated graphs and charts costing up to 30 points. When users have run out of points they have the option to purchase more. Hootsuite Pro users will end up paying a bit more per month with these new features; however, the analytical insights will be a great asset in quantifying your social media efforts.

For more details about social analytics, here’s a video from Hootsuite:


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