Social Media – Reasons To Be Cheerful Links

It has been ages since we posted our social media reasons to be cheerful links.  If you have been waiting on tenterhooks – wait no longer.  Here, for your enjoyment, is our compendium of social media and online treasures that we have discovered lately.

Layar – “is a mobile platform for discovering information about the world around you”. Use your mobile to  tune in to the social media interactions going on around your physical location.  Thanks Darko for sharing this!

YMPL – Your Mail List Provider is online email marketing software that allows you to easily create custom templates and manage your newsletters.  Thanks to our friends at Social Focus for that one!

Website Magazine – is always a source of great website success tips.  In the latest issue we discovered: Sprout Social (Social Media Management Tool) and Bizzy (local business recommendation button).

If social media or blogging interests you then its not too late to get your tickets to Northern Voice (only 83 tickets left!).  See you there?

Looking for a quote – try Quotenik.

And last but not least, take a moment to relax at –  Do nothing for 2 minutes – go on – you deserve it!

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