StumbleUpon Brilliance

Ever stumbled upon brilliance? It comes when you least expect it, in the most surprising of ways, and at the most useful of times. Such is the brilliance of StumbleUpon. Social media discovery tool StumbleUpon has developed into the internet’s version of PVR, essentially selecting sites and references most applicable to the viewer and recording them in one strongly organized and easy to use location.  Recently reaching the 25 billion click mark, StumbleUpon users have grown to appreciate the site’s keen sense of finding what is new, what is interesting, and what is most relevant to them.

Why bother stumbling?

With the amount of material available on the internet, getting access to information that has already been pre-scanned by people of similar interests greatly reduces time wasted on websites of little to no relevance on topics of interest. After all, who can complain when a free internet service is similar to having 20 million personal secretaries pre-select articles based upon your profile?

By employing essentially an open call, or crowdsourcing strategy, in which an undefined set of people are able to contribute information and opinions regarding web searches allows the compilation of more valuable and fresh concepts, ideas, and links. To illustrate, stumblers help one another find hidden gems, pieces of information not easily found using any average search engine. As well, collaborative ratings from fellow stumblers and stumbler friends establish the worth and value of the website in reference to its content, clarity, and helpfulness. When one voice makes a comment, it can only be heard so far, and only be taken so far into consideration. However, when millions of voices combine together, they can be heard around the world, and their collective perspective is then able to demand greater respect and attention. After all, one may not hear an individual’s footsteps, but it is hard to not acknowledge the presence of a stampede. Finally, both new and old companies alike can benefit using StumbleUpon’s services as new traffic can be generated and directed towards their websites, the only downfall being a higher bounce rate. Yet, all traffic can be seen as good traffic as exposure for a website is key to gaining attention and broadening an audience.

In today’s people-driven world, the ability of a website to combine in perfect harmony social behaviour and interaction as well as time effectiveness is a formula which ultimately sets it apart as a website catering to the real needs of the user. Next time you are looking for a little inspiration, don’t be afraid to explore what you just may have stumbled upon.

Search. Stumble. Share!


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