Twitter Image Galleries

You’ve probably noticed Twitter’s new image galleries popping up on people’s profiles. This feature, which made its debut in June, shows the 100 most recent images you’ve tweeted – back dated until January 1, 2010. It archives all images you’ve uploaded either directly to Twitter or through a 3rd party application such as yFrog, TwitPic or Instagram.

On your profile, you will see a few highlighted recent images and if you click the ‘view all’ button you will see the 100 most recent pictures you have uploaded to Twitter, along with the corresponding text you originally tweeted.

To upload an image direct to Twitter use the following steps:

Step 1:

Login to Twitter and click the ‘new tweet’ button, in the ‘what’s happening’ box, click on the camera button to add an image from your saved files.

Step 2:

Add a tweet to your image after you’ve uploaded it and click ‘Tweet’ to both send it to your Twitter stream and to your gallery.

Your image will be archived in your Twitter gallery as long as it’s one of your 100 most recent tweets. After that, it will be replaced by your most recent image uploads.

Want to know more? Here’s Twitter’s official introduction to their new image galleries:


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