What is Formspring?

Every question has an answer, or does it? Increasingly popular social networking website Formspring.me may possibly have the answer to that very query. Formspring.me allows users to post questions as well as answer a multitude of questions on a variety of topics such as health, business, beauty, and technology. Recently releasing a scalable technology in the form of a mobile app with photo sharing capabilities, Formspring.me is truly answering to their user’ needs. By giving their users the ability to respond and receive push notifications on their phones, Formspring.me is encouraging their users to communicate even while on the go. With the addition of a photo sharing capability, they are tapping into their consumer’s desire of proving a point with a visual. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words!

Why Formspring?

Essentially a question and answer platform, you may ask what gives Formspring.me an edge over Facebook or Twitter? Although both social giants Facebook and Twitter allow users to post any content they desire, their primary focus is not centered on questions. By limiting the type of content and type of status updates posted, Formspring.me has created its own niche in the social networking space.

Benefits for businesses both small and large include tapping into the consumer’s mindset and listening to the types of questions their consumers want answered. Every entrepreneur’s dream essentially lies in finding a solution to a problem or question commonly asked among a target group of individuals. Businesses may also gain a substantial competitive advantage by asking the right questions prior to development phases for new products or ventures, essentially saving them a considerable amount of time and money.

Formspring.me is free, easy to use, and easy to understand. Its simplistic design and format create a comfortable atmosphere for users to ask their smallest or biggest queries. The only question left to answer is, what is YOUR question?

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