Happy Holidays from Out-Smarts

Santa continues to make great use of social media this year, what a modern man!

As usual, NORAD is doing a great job of tracking Santa’s efforts as he does his last minute preparations for the big day. You can follow NORAD on their website,  Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

If you’re doing some last minute shopping but still want to track Santa’s progress, there’s an app for that. Organize your holiday shopping list and follow Santa with the Santa Claus Tracker, or use the Santa Tracker 2011 to track Santa, read  his blogs, text him, or show your kids if they’re on the nice list. You can even track Santa’s progress through NORAD using Google Maps.

Want to read about the history of Santa? Check out his Wikipedia page.

The good news is, Santa seems to have tightened up his security since last year’s Wikileaks fiasco when his naughty list went public.

If you’re not sure your letter to Santa made it to the North pole, post it to Santa’s wall on his Facebook page and read other people’s wish lists.

Happy holidays to everyone that followed us this year. Now go eat, drink and be merry these next few days, we’re going to be doing the same!

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