Top 3 Reasons Why Google+ is Facebook’s Biggest Threat

1.) Users Growing at a Rapid Rate

  • Google+ already has 100 million users since launching June 2011.
  • During it’s first 8 months, Google+ is growing faster than Facebook or Twitter.
  • Facebook hadn’t reached 100million users until 23 months after opening to everyone 13 years of age or older in 2006.
  • Google+ brand pages are exceeding the rate of Twitter brand pages.

2.) The Unification of Other Google Accounts

  • Many of us already use many of Google’s other accounts such as Youtube, Gmail, Google Docs, Web Analytics and Google Alerts. Google+ pulls all your Google accounts together in one place making using your various Google accounts easy to access and manage.
  • Google’s account bar found at the top of your Google homepage now makes it easy to use your other Google accounts and find products you may have not known about before. With these changes, there’s no more signing in and out of various accounts.

3.) Google+ Approaches Web 3.0

  • Google+ is going beyond Web 2.0, because it’s exploring the meaning of our relationships.
  • We all use Google for our internet searches. Through these searches, Google knows our interests; through Google Maps, Google knows where we live and work; with +1, Google shows us links that our Google+ contacts with the same interests have recommended. This is something Facebook isn’t doing.
  • Through your Google+ contacts and +1 recommendations, Google is able to provide you with more intelligent results. Using your location, Google is also able to present useful search results that match your area.

Google+ and Your Brand

Since the introduction of Google+’s new ‘Brand Pages’, it has great potential to surpass Facebook pages with it’s easy creation, editing, better SEO, business categorization, news updates and though interacting with followers via Google+’s ‘Hangouts’.

Although Google+’s user base is smaller than Facebook, Google+ is influenced by professional and industry-specific content rather than update clutter you may find on Facebook. Another benefit of the modest user base is that it gives brands the opportunity to create a more direct engagement with their followers.

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