Reasons To Be Cheerful

Spring has sprung, the birds are chirping and we can see the mountains from our office window again.  We have lots of reasons to be cheerful.

Here are some of the on line gems we’ve discovered lately.

1. Create great word clouds with Tagxedo – you can input words, add a url and change the shapes of the cloud.  This one is a word cloud of our website.  Too much fun.

2. Accept credit card payments using your phone – with Square.

3. Ayoudo is a new online network with the goal of helping you get things done.  I don’t know about you but I could certainly use getting more done.  Connect to your community, tell Ayoudo what you need done and how much you are willing to pay and it’s as good as done.

4. Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for small services starting at a fiver.  But don’t forget that only the rich can afford to buy cheap!

5. If you’ve visited our Pinterest page you’ll know that we love our infographics.  Make your own at

6. Tricked Out Timeline is a tool that lets you create Facebook timelines easily.

7. Manage your Twitter presence with TweetSpinner, the free version allows you to find followers by keyword, manage follow backs and find followers by keyword.  Upgrade to prune spammers, filter by location and more.

8. Use Followerwonk to compare Twitter users, search bio’s for keywords but you have to pay to do anything with the data.

9. Usequitter sends you unfollow report ManageFlitter and Tweepi help you manage follows

10. Snaggit is a great tool for capturing screenshots but at a cost – $49.95

11. Use Diigo to collect, highlight and remember.

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