Are you Influential Online?

Over the last year or so social networks that track how well you social network have been proliferating. These tools tend to be social networks too and they measure how engaging your presence on-line is: how you influence people, who you influence and whether you do it right. They can be useful to give you a yardstick in terms of your on-line presence and to positively influence your brand.

The most prominent online social influence Tools are Klout, Kred, and PeerIndex with PlusClout being an up and comer in the Google+ world.  Each of these tools quantifies your on-line social performance, allocating a number based on different variables like connections and interactions.



The Klout Score, a number between one and 100, is a representation of your overall social media influence. The science behind the Score examines more than 400 variables on multiple social networks beyond your number of followers and friends. It looks at who is engaging with your content and who they are sharing it with.







Kred measures influence by assessing how frequently you are Retweeted, Replied, Mentioned and Followed on Twitter. If you connect your Facebook account to your Kred profile, you get Influence points when people interact with your content on your wall and the walls of others who have registered their Facebook account with Kred. Facebook interactions counted towards your Kred include Posts, Mentions, Likes, Shares and Event Invitations.





Your overall PeerIndex score is a relative measure of your online authority. The PeerIndex Score reflects the impact of your online activities, and the extent to which you have built up social and reputational capital on the web.

PeerIndex  builds up your Authority fingerprint on a topic-by-topic level using eight benchmark topics. The PeerIndex Score includes an Audience score calculated for each profile and an Activity score to account for an individual who is active and has a greater share of attention of people interested in the topics that they are interested in.


Given the steep growth of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn et al,  it isn’t surprising that tools like these exist but does anyone really care other than you?  The answer is yes, or it should be – especially if you are looking to grow your business.  We are social creatures and when considering business partnerships we tend to be strongly influenced by our community so having a high score in these forums for your area of influence can be beneficial.  One down side though is having yet another social presence to maintain and manage when you are already spread thin.  If you do have the bandwidth,remember that you can’t use all of these so  decide which one is best, focus on that and remember that it’s not all about you – you can build your presence by giving the nod to others who influence you.



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