How to Advertise on Facebook

Facebook ads are a really strong tool to use to appeal to a highly segmented niche audience.  They’re also often the defacto choice for businesses looking to promote their offering using social media because of the potential audience of upwards of 900 million people using Facebook around the world.

However, not all businesses are best promoted on Facebook, some products and services lend themselves better to Twitter or LinkedIn, or a niche network depending on the audience.  Consumer targeted offerings often have best results on Facebook and some products and services will have higher success rates than others depending on their audience demographics and social media savvy. But with a little trial, error and time, you can use Facebook ads as strong tool to help build your business online.

Facebook ads are used in a two ways:

1. To drive traffic to an external site
2. To promote your Facebook page.

Here at Out-Smarts we’ve used both but prefer the latter because  once people have “liked” your page you have permission to communicate with them over and over again.

How to advertise on Facebook

To advertised on Facebook, you have to have a page for your business. If you have already created a Page there are a number of ways you can go about accessing Facebook ads: first is by visiting your page and clicking on the build audience tab on the top panel. Second, you can go to or finally, you can click on ads from your profile view.

Once there, you can choose to direct your ad to a URL, Destination ID or to your Pages and Places.  If you are aiming the ad at driving traffic and building followers, choose your page from the drop down and click to determine whether you want to promote the page or a specific post and whether you want people to see a new ad or a social ad (linking to their friends activity on your page).

Now is the time to get creative and you only have 65 measly characters to do so: 15 for the headline, 41 for the text.  It can be challenging but try to make your text compelling and include a call to action.  When creating the ad copy remember the keep in simple stupid mantra and don’t forget to drive your message home, making it obvious what you want them to do and why. Your image should be 100px wide and 72px long (and not too busy!) and you can choose to have people land on your timeline or other components of your page such as photos or notes.  Be careful with this and always click to preview asking yourself if the page you land on is attractive to followers.

You will then be prompted for targeting information. If you want your ad to be successful then pay close attention to this, honing your geographical audience to exactly that which you intend. You can further target your ad to demographics,  interests, language and education and you can take advantage of connections to encourage people connected with your page to advertise on your behalf to their friends in the targeted demographic (note – may annoy some followers!).

Next you need to enter your budget. You should start with a small budget (limit is $5 per day) and increase it as you become more comfortable with the messaging and the response. We always recommend that you pay per click rather than pay per impression as this way you are actually paying for visits to your page or site and not for something that people might not even have noticed. Facebook will offer you some guidance in terms of the range of costs per click.  The more you pay, the higher your ad will appear on the page.

To complete the process and run the ads you have to enter your credit card information, even if you have one of those Facebook coupons. Once you have done that, it will take time for your ads to be reviewed and to go live – bear in mind when scheduling your ads that they shouldn’t run continuously or they will desensitize your audience (i.e. they will get fed up looking at them). Once your ads are live, it is important to constantly tweak the ad text and bidding to get the desired results.

Interested in running Facebook ads? We can do this for you. Contact us for more info.



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