Social Network Changes and Updates – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

Facebook Sponsored Stories.

Facebook has come in for a lot of criticism lately because of changes to the algorithms that control who sees your posts.  Now, even if someone is following your page, there’s a really good chance they won’t be seeing your updates.  If you want your following to see more of your posts you’re going to have to use “Sponsored Stories’ and pay to have your posts appear to your fans.  To do this, go to the ads creation page and choose promoted page posts and click on the dropdown to choose the post you want to promote.  Facebook automatically sets your budget to $10 per day so if you want to spend less you have to change it.  The default is to run your campaign continuously so you should change that too to avoid lining Facebook’s pockets and to avoid Fan ad overload.  Read more about this on Raised Eyebrow’s blog.

Twitter Cover Image

Cover image – for those of you who live in Hootsuite or Tweedeck, you should take a mosey on over to view your profile on vanilla Twitter.  Last month Twitter changed the look of the profile to include some eye candy in the form of a cover page (copy catting Facebook?).  To change yours, click on account setting then design then upload an appropriate image.  When determining which image to use, remember that the text from your bio will superimposed on the image so choose something that isn’t too busy.


LinkedIn Company Page Changes

If LinkedIn plays its cards right, it could find itself on the receiving end of the exodus of small business from Facebook because of their policy changes above.  Last month LinkedIn completely changed the look and feel of company pages making them much more attractive.   Highlights of the company page changes include more prominent updates and the ability to add a cover image. Read more about this on Hubspot’s Blog.

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