Spice up your Status Updates

UpdatesGreat status updates help you to get more likes, comments and shares and this in turn helps you reach new audiences and build your brand.  This infographic from ShortStack encapsulates ten quick and easy ways to make your updates more juicy. We’ve added our own slant too:

1. Make it interesting – post a great fact that most people don’t know or a quote to inspire – but always make sure its relevent to your audience and brand.

2. Got a great idea or tip to share with people? Do so.

3. Share, comment and endorse content from others in your industry. If you scratch their back they’ll likely return the favour.

4. Questions encourage your audience to respond but make sure that every update isn’t a question as this gets a bit boring.

5. Encourage followers to act on your update. Spell it out to them so they know what it is they’re supposed to do!

6. Don’t just post a link with no description – tell people a little about it so that they can decide to click through or not.  People avoid clicking on links as they seem spammy.

7. Make your P.S. in email newsletters short and sweet.  I saw one lately that was almost as long as the email itself!

8. Use short links – especially on Twitter – as this encourages people to share and gives them the space to do so.

9. Followers are more likely to click like on photos and images (especially on Facebook) so post images often and use an app like Over to enhance images with text.

10. Ask for comments and get people to share.  There are lots of ways to do this and what works best will depend on your audience.  When people do comment, always respond.


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