Scots Engage Often – Celebrating Our Scottish Connection

image001The Scots may be in denial over cholesterol – with a taste for dumpling, deep fried Mars Bars and tea cakes – but Scots engage often: fully accepting and embracing social media. Scotland has a bigger appetite for social networking sites than anywhere else in the UK. But members of the general population aren’t the only ones with a steady diet of Tweeting and Facebooking, the Scottish government has been very progressive in its approach to social media. The government is very aware of the major implications – socially, economically and culturally, because in 2011 they established a digital infrastructure action plan with a goal of becoming a world-class digital nation by 2020.

Don’t panic, they won’t abandon the traditional menu entirely. Scotland will still be the home to Irn Bru, whisky, haggis, and a guid night oot but they are not about to be left out of the information revolution.

Here in health-crazy Canada, Out-Smarts Marketing, providers of social media and internet marketing strategies, has been a leader in helping small and medium-size businesses leverage the benefits of social media for years. The connection? Mhairi (Var-i, Gaelic for Mary) Petrovic, Out-Smarts founder, who hails from near Edinburgh but now calls Vancouver, British Columbia her home. Mhairi was involved in marketing online technology to Scottish businesses before the internet was available in most of the country. Evidently, the penchant for digital runs in the tartan – and the blood.

Mhairi provides nourishing ideas on SEO, internet marketing, website, email and social media strategies to help your business grow, whether you’re in Canada, the UK or the USA.  To celebrate St Andrew’s Day today, and in the lead up to Hogmanay, over the next few posts she’s going to be sharing some tactics that will have a definite Scottish flavour to them, so keep your kilts pressed and handy.

Tell us your New Year’s Resolution

Watch our Facebook page for our challenge to Martin Gibbons, CEO of Peoplemaps, Bob Gignac, Best Selling Author of Rich is a State of Mind and Speaker, and Willis Turner, President & CEO of Sales & Marketing Executives International, Inc. as well as everyone from Canada to the great land of bagpipes and the Picts: tell us your New Year’s resolution for 2014 (whether they be dietary or business related) – like cutting down on crisps and poutine or optimizing your website – and we’ll give the author of the best laid plan a 21 point diagnostic website review package from Out-Smarts Marketing. Included will be recommendations to help you with internet marketing and use of social media for your small business. Stay tuned for developments on both fronts! Au ra best!

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