Eggs and SEO – The Importance of Optimizing Your Website

For years now I have been trying to track down duck eggs in British Columbia. Have you tried them? They taste a lot like chicken eggs but better – probably because the ducks are allowed to roam free and eat well.

I’ve been hunting for them everywhere – at one point I even drove all the way out to Harrison to the cheese shop there but they were out of stock. I’ve tried looking for duck eggs on Yellow Pages, at Farmers’ Markets, the butcher’s and of course I’ve tried asking Google – all to no avail.

This is not a duck egg!

I was beginning to give up hope when I popped into my local butcher and, lo and behold, they had ducks eggs in their refrigerated display cabinet. My lucky day!

The funny thing is that it turns out that the supplier is located within a couple of kilometres of my home so it looks like my duck egg hunt is over.

What has this to do with Internet Marketing? Well the moral of this story is that there’s really no point in having a website if the people who are looking for your products online can’t find them. In this case, had the supplier properly optimized their site I would have found it months ago and would have been buying duck eggs regularly from them ever since.

If your website isn’t properly optimized you could be missing out on opportunities too.

SEO is Important

There’s no point in simply slapping up a website and hoping people will come. Take time to organize your site in a logical way and make sure you add appropriate content on the page, in the META titles, descriptions and URL names that will allow people who want to do business with you to find you more easily online.

Need help with that – give us a call at 604 909 3532 to discuss your options.

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