Out-Smarts Podcast #30 – with Smart Cookie and Bratface Marketing’s Andrea Baxter

Twitter is a fabulous tool. Case in fact: recently I connected with Andrea Baxter from Bratface Marketing on Twitter. You might know Andrea from her success as part of the Smart Cookies team that shot to fame following their appearance on Oprah.

Andrea joins us to talk about that meteoric success, how Smart Cookies use social media and about her latest venture Bratface Marketing. Enjoy!



Links to blogs sites mentioned:

Marketing Vox

Duct Tape Marketing.com

Start Up Nation

The Out-Smarts Podcast #29 – Twitter wtih David Watts

Our last podcast of the week is with David Watts. David is Notary Public, not exactly the kind of industry one might expect an avid Twitterer to come from but David is carving a Twitter niche and using the micro blog to drive awareness of what he does, to connect with potential clients as well as to keep up to date with topics that interest him. It was a pleasure to have him join me for the Out-Smarts podcast today.



The Out-Smarts Podcast #28 – Twitter with Sue Clement

I can’t believe our Twitter podcast marathon week is almost over. In our penultimate cast today, we talk with Sue Clement of Success Coaching. Little did I know earlier this year when I encouraged Sue to start using Twitter as part of her marketing mix that she would take it to heart. I should have known better! In a few short months she has built a following of over 1300 “Tweepl” and is deriving many benefits from using Twitter to listen, learn and to get the word out. Hear how she puts Twitter to good effect.

Sue Clement

The Out-Smarts Podcast #27 – Twitter with Teri-Lyn Conrad

Our Twitter podcast marathon takes us to Langley today, where realtor Teri-Lyn Conrad is using Twitter to stay connected. Teri loves Twitter and is a true advocate of social media. Listen to our conversation to hear how Twittering has benefited her, both from a business and social perspective.


The Out-Smarts Podcast #18 – Twitter with Julie Gibbons of PeopleMaps

Our first podcast of the year was recorded on Hogmanay (the last day of the old year) with Julie Gibbons of PeopleMaps . It’s our first trans-Atlantic podcast, the topic is Twitter. In this podcast we talk about PeopleMaps, their online personality reports and how they are using Twitter to build awareness and grow their community.

Watch out for a blog post addendum to this podcast, giving Julie’s top Twitter tips, very soon.