Twitter Ye Not!

The next big Internet phenomenon seems to be Twitter . The people at Twitter call it a global community of friends and strangers answering one simple question: What are you doing?”. You can answer the question by IM, cellphone or online on the Twitter site.

To me, Twitter appears to be simply a paired down instant messaging system that allows bored people to spend some time on whimsy. However, Twitter is not to be taken lightly. With an astounding growth rate (in one week in March its traffic increased by over 55%) its definitely taking off with the online community.

I decided to take a closer look for myself to size Twitter up from a marketers perspective:

The Twitter registration process is simple and speedy (I am Outsmarts if you want to look me up). Once you get in, its easy to enter your one liner and read those of others. I made the mistake of adding the BBC to mine and was inundated with million messages about what seemed like every BBC TV show ever produced! So beware who you add.

From a marketing perspective, I can see Twitter as being a way to promote a consumer product and it has great potential to enhance communication between remote team members but beyond that, I am afraid the Outsmart jury is out. Id like to wait and see on this one.

That said, my favourite Twitter is that of Borat whose satirical one learners have me in stitches. It’s light relief and for now, that’s all Twitter means to me. For now.


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