Viral Marketing Worked On Me

I was recently lucky enough to be selected to receive a free book on guerilla P.R. tactics. In true viral marketing fashion word spread to me of a mini book expo for bloggers via a blog I read regularly called My Name Is Kate (thanks for the tip Kate!).

Turns out (much to my glee) that I’m not even getting a book but an audiobook chip that I can listen to on my Mac or MP3 or phone – just perfect for those days when the beach beckons.

Nothing’s truly free I hear you say and you’re right, it does come with a catch. I get the book for free on condition that I review it in my blog. So watch this space for a review of the audiobook itself called Guerilla P.R. by Michael Levine as well as a description of my user experience with the tiny memory card I am anxiously watching for the postman to deliver.

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