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I had the pleasure this evening to present at an event co-hosted by the Professional Women’s Network, the YWCA Mentoring Program and the Downtown Networking Association aimed at introducing mentors and mentees to professional growth strategies to help you realise career goals. My topic: “Building Valuable Business Relationships in the Virtual World”.

As promised, I am going to blog over the next few days about some of the issues I touched on at the event, the first of these being Internet networking hubs.

Internet networking hubs are great forums to expand your business network and extend your reach. Obviously, those you use will depend on what it is you do. For example a photographer would likely use photo sites like Flickr to showcase their experience. Someone in the music industry is likely to benefit more from MySpace than Facebook. And a lawyer might is more likely to join a law forum than a web development forum. It’s up to you which you choose but Internet networking hubs are great places to grow your on line network and in turn your business.


  1. Thanks for posting this follow-up to your presentation the other night Mhairi, it was good to go through it all again. Great to meet you, and hope to keep in touch and see you at future PWN or DNA events!
    Jackie Connelly

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