New Experiences in Podcasting 5

After a brief hiatus over the summer, our podcast is back and once more were having some great adventures producing and presenting the feed. This week we tackled branding and next week we’re looking forward to discussing some design and development tips to make your website more magnetic.

The hardest podcasting lesson we’ve learned lately is that if you set up an RSS feed for your podcast, there is a good chance that RSS readers (like Google reader) will pick up blog posts as well as podcasts. This isn’t ideal, especially if you want to promote your podcast channel effectively.

Thankfully we came upon a great solution thanks to the good folks over at WordPress. Simply categorize each podcast in a dedicated category (ours is podcast) then add some code to your .htaccess file to redirect the traffic. The result: a dedicated podcast feed featuring only your audio work.

Our next New Adventures in Podcasting post will tackle how and where you should promote your podcasts until then check out the previous posts in this series and good podcasting!

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