New Experiences in Podcasting 6

You’ve put together a great podcast. It is creative, interesting and adds value for your intended audience now what? What do you do with your podcast to make it available to intended recipients. In order to explain this I like to use the newspaper analogy from traditional media. It’s all very well that you have a great rag but without newsagents, newspaper boxes and delivery services it doesn’t have a chance of being read.

By creating an RSS feed you can solve the delivery services component but where should your podcast appear so that people can find it. The answer is by listing your podcast in with the major podcast engines. These are:

Podcast Alley

It takes a bit of time and effort and you have to register with most of these to do so but the benefits are multiple in extending the reach of your podcast. Just be patient as the process is far from instantaneous.

Good podcasting!

If you have more to add to the list – please let us know.

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