New Experiences in Podcasting 7

Episode #13 of the Out-Smarts Podcast was posted this week and it was a milestone for us. Our interview with Louise Desmarais was the first one recorded remotely with Louise in Calgary and me in Vancouver. It was another new experience in podcasting.

Our first attempt at recording the podcast using Skype to communicate and Audio Hijack to record failed dismally. Audio Hijack is great technology that allows you to record your Skype calls in MP3 format. It’s perfect for uploading easily to Garageband to edit and enhance.

Unfortunately, the best-laid plans don’t always come to bear. Part way into our call, the Skype connection was lost and we had to abort. Not wanting to risk the same happening again, we went to plan b. I would use my podcast doohicky on my iPod and we would record it over speakerphone. The result, a great podcast with better sound quality than some of the in person one’s we’ve done in the past. Take a listen and let us know what you think.

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