Knit Bombers Hit Kits

I first heard about knit bombing from Tzaddi in our Northern Voice podcast. Today I witnessed this urban beautification phenomenon in action thanks to the beady eyes of my daughter Catriona who spotted knit bombs on the drive home from the aquarium this morning. Yes indeed, knit bombers have hit Vancouver’s trendy Kitsilano neighbourhood. The knitted wonders adorn a fire hydrant and sign post on Arbutus St between 2nd and 3rd Ave to be exact.

Knit Bomb Sign Post

Knit Bomb Hydrant

Knit bombing (or craft bombing) is the latest form of urban graffiti. Knitters (or “craftivists”) express themselves and spiff up their community by adorning inanimate objects with their knitted or crafted creation (labeled with the artists name). It looks quite pretty and the phenomenon is intriguing but I have to ask: wouldn’t it be better to knit scarfs for some of the many homeless people we have here who feel the cold rather more than, lets say, a lampost. Perhaps I am missing the point.


  1. I’d like to address the author’s point of scarves for the homeless versus knitbombing. I am not affiliated with this group, but speaking strictly for myself, I knit for charity projects as well as for my own pleasure. If I didn’t take time to knit according to my own interests, then I would get burned out and there’d be no charity knitting at all. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt to these knitters and assume they give of their time and talents in many ways, not just “tagging.”

  2. I love any guerrilla art/craft especially that the artist/makeer does NOT claim as
    her/his OWN.  Yes, do the scarves for homeless! And do this stuff too!
    Love to all artists/crafters!

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