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Understanding the traffic visiting your site is key, not just in terms of your Internet marketing efforts but also for building an effective social media campaigns. Too many clients come to me wanting to bring more business through the website but without knowing anything about the traffic they are currently getting.

Do you know how many visitors your site gets as a result of your Facebook or Twitter presence? Which blog posts or comments drive the most traffic to your site? How much traffic your site gets overall and is it from your target audience?

Fortunately, our friends over at Google have just the solution. Google analytics is a free web site traffic analysis tool that tracks traffic to your website. It works by having you enter some code on your web site and it should be the first thing on your to-do list before embarking on any Internet marketing or social media marketing effort.

Using Google is a great way to understand your on-line community: how they find you; how they navigate your site and where they come from. Website owners can monitor and improve web site results by honing in on their specific community. The service includes a dashboard containing vital visitors stats and the ability to drill down on these to find out more; score cards to assess traffic; conversion rate tracking analysis for keywords targeted; targeting by region (for example); the ability to create and share (send and schedule personalised e-mail reports) and export data.

Analytics is a free service that is used to attract customers to Google’s fee paid Ad Words and Ad Sense offering but those are optional – the benefits of this free data at our marketing fingertips are unquestionable.

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