How To Get More People to Like Your Facebook Page

** This is a very old blog post – There’s an update version here – How To Get More Likes on Facebook

Facebook is quickly becoming a major challenger to Google when it comes to web traffic. Not only can Facebook drive traffic to your website but the traffic it brings is more targeted, more likely to visit more pages and more likely to stay longer. This, combined with the fact that having a Facebook page can help you reach and communicate with new audiences, means that Facebook should be a major component of your social media strategy (especially if your audience is the consumer).

Once you have created a Facebook Page for your organization the challenge becomes attracting an audience and getting people to “like” your page. Here are 10 tips that will help you do so.

Tips To Get More People to Like Your Facebook Page

1. Content – content is key to growing your following. If your content: adds value (by that I mean tells your audience something the didn’t already now) and stimulates conversion, more followers will come.

2. Website widget – add a Facebook widget to your website so that people can click from there to like your page.

3. Invite friends – use the suggest to a friend link to find and send invites to friends but be selective and only invite Facebook friends who might actually be interested.

4. Add your Facebook Page URL to your business cards. Once you have 25 Facebook “Likes” you can request a vanity URL like ours: -which is much more concise and easier to fit on your cards.

5. Tell people – when you are networking both online and off, tell people about your page. If you use Twitter or other social networks, link and tell your followers in those forums too.

6. Update regularly – update your Facebook page regularly (refer to 1. when doing so!). You should update at least once a day but not so frequently that your posts become intrusive and annoying.

7. Place an ad – Facebook ads are highly targeted. Use them to spread awareness of your page with people who will be interested. You might be surprised as to how many new “likes” this will generate. You can also use Google adwords campaigns but this isn’t as effective.

8. Avoid selling – it is not good Facebook etiquette to simply use your Page for promotional purposes. Use the 20/80 rule and ensure that you only promote your company, products or services 20% of the time (focus the rest of your posts on adding value and building loyalty with your followers).

9. Make your Page Stand Out – use FBML to make your Facebook page more unique and attractive to potential new followers when they first pop by.

10. Promote your Page – make sure your Facebook Page URL is highlighted on all direct marketing and traditional advertising vehicles, add “Like on Facebook” information to letters, packaging and shipping materials to spread the word in other media.

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