How to Promote Your Blog

A blog is a great way to make your website dynamic (Google loves that), to keep your content fresh for visitors, to establish your expertise and to drive traffic. But there are more than 180 million blogs out there on practically every topic (according to Technorati), so how do you get blog attention? There are many ways to publicize your blog: some are common sense and some more involved.

1. Connections

Connections are vital to establishing your blog: connections both on-line and the physical world. The more connections you have the more people will see your blog, the more you will build awareness of your organisation and what you do.

Start with the easy stuff – make it easy for people to connect with you and make them aware that your company is blogging – add the url of your blog to your employee e-mail signatures, business cards and promotional materials

Connect with your network – tell people you meet about your blog (include friends, family, business associates, partners and clients and anyone else who will listen) – ask them to check it out and tell them their feedback is invaluable. Mention your blog as a resource during speaking engagements.

2. Links

If you’ve done your research, you already know of many appropriate blogs that talk about your industry or area of expertise so start placing meaningful and appropriate comments on other blog posts that are relevant to your business. This will begin to establish your page (not to mention your credibility).

3. Respect

When someone comments on your blog, acknowledge, reply in the comments or e-mail them back to establish a connection with them.  Same goes for posts that mention you – it’s good etiquette to comment with thanks just like Rob did on our last post.

4. Search Engines

Make sure to list your blog with the main Search Engines such as Google and Bing so that people find your posts on the Internet. You might find the following “10 Most Useful Search Engines” article useful.

Next list it with the main blog engines so that readers can locate your pieces there too. There are numerous blog engines (I found over 50) but the main one is Technorati. I found some of these easier to maneuver my way around than others but once you find the right place on the web sites you can often set up them up to update your listing automatically so that your new articles are listed as they are posted.

4. Social

One of the best ways to promote your blog content is through your social presence.  Link to your posts from your Twitter account, Facebook et al and remember to make the precursor stimulating enough that it will make people want to click.  There’s a brand new Facebook plugin for WordPress that will help.

5. Share

Let your visitors do the sharing for you.  Use Share This or Add Me to allow your readers to share your content in the social network of their choice.

6. RSS

Make it easy for people to subscribe to your content via email or a reader using RSS.

7. Content

All of the above are really great methods to promote your blog but perhaps the single most important aspect to consider is your content.  If your posts contain great content that is relevant and stimulating for your intended audience your blog will promote itself, people will want to keep coming back and they will share with their own networks.

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